Introducing China’s Cottage Industry of Death

There are just so many things wrong with the current Chinese Ebay situation I don’t know where to begin. But it would seem from the vast numbers of Tibetan and Buddhist items in their hands along side millions of snuff bottles (used for opium) being vastly underpriced that they often lie about and say are new, that they have murdered and robbed thousands if not hundreds and thousands and millions of people.

Though I’ve tried to contact the authorities, the White House, Ebay, the press, different sellers and even every single Tibetan Buddhist enclave I could find an email address for, I’ve received no response. It seems like no one cares that these people have been murdered, their graves even dug up and totally robbed. Its just sad. I hope that perhaps you can do your part to spread the word about what China is doing to these people, and perhaps if nothing else, at least you’ll be informed enough not to steal from political and religious prisoners or dead people yourself.

Though the Buddhists count beads, I’m unable to keep up with the numbers on Ebay. Its absolutely staggering how many Buddhist mala’s have been sold “new without tags” or sold as 15″ strands of beads. Then there’s the rest of the internet, which the Chinese, often the same Chinese, also have access to…. but lets start somewhere, shall we? The tip of the iceberg:

Citrine (colored quartz) probably from Buddhist malas, being sold as
Citrine (colored quartz) probably from Buddhist malas, being sold as “new without tags” and sold through at least four different Ebay stores in America who are all using the exact same serial code system (consecutively numbered at over 10 million items now), same bags, same postal packaging and even the same address labeler which says ship to “Name of Person or current resident” which is typical if you’re shipping catalogs out, but not for goods.

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