One of the most ancient mythological beings, Garuda dates back to the start of Hinduism, and perhaps even earlier. Tibet is closely tied to India, with many of its religious teachers coming directly from there.

Search for “Garuda” on Ebay (includes a lot of items from Thailand where Garuda is also greatly revered, some Thai items maybe stock from China near their shared border though)

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Early Hongshan(?) Garuda pendant
Early Garuda pendant

In this a very old pendant of Garuda the pose is very similar to the women we see in very, very an early “prayer” position, which actually was a woman squatting and holding her breasts. The “praying” women featured below are from the Hongshan Culture which predates Hinduism and Buddhism by several thousand years.

Apparently as time went on, the body position was modified for both men and women to appease the Gods- men not having breasts, they put their hands together?

How these pendants have survived for this long in the condition they have is a testament to the people whom these have been entrusted to all these years. They may have been contained inside a special metal embossed box, called a gau box, used as a shrine most of this time and not worn, though they could have also been found in a grave, as I suspect the one below was. The pendant above also could have been cast and recast using the copies of an original pendant far older than it might be dated to be. See the example below with major pitting of the surface.


So, though Garuda is often seen stepping on the backs of women as seen below:

Tibetan silver Garuda
Tibetan silver Garuda

Garuda crushing consort underfoot

It turns out, “he” may have actually been a she to begin with, then gradually morphed in people’s minds over time, the original meaning, people- forgotten and lost.


More pendants:


  • Buy It Now page ($22.00): sold in 2016? not relisted when checked back 01/24/2017 by dekorshop2010

It is hard to say the ages of items when they are removed from their original locations- like the Garuda pendants above and below. Though this may be one of the earliest Garuda pendants made from metal in existence- 4,000 years old or more- it also could have been made more recently by people who were isolated andperhaps didn’t have the greatest artistic and technical skills in metal casting.But we don’t know without having more information.



Early Tibetan Garuda

Ebay shops have opened all of the world carrying exclusively Tibetan goods, like this one in Russia.
Ebay shops have opened all of the world stockpiled exclusively Tibetan goods, like this one in Russia.

Tibetan Garuda pendant


Though the Chinese seller says this is “gilt” gold, it appears to be more than just a surface finish on it. Why would the Chinese not just melt something like this down, I don’t know, given the fact its worth more in gold weight than what they are asking for it. Perhaps it isn’t gold, but then perhaps it has more to do with their belief about wearing jewelry that has came from someone who had bad luck happen to them, and just wish it to be out of the country so it isn’t melted down and re purposed, only to curse unsuspecting Chinese jewelry customers.

A wall hanging with traditional embroidered silk and tassels attached.
A wall larger pendant with traditional embroidered silk and tassels attached.

garudaaa garudaab


Meant to protect the wearer in battle, this was probably the last thing someone was wearing right before they were executed or thrown in a forced labor concentration camp- the one below looks like it could have been buried for a while as well. Did they fight? Did they hit a few Chinese with slingshots before going down? We might never know, however the protective qualities of these Garuda bracelets are obviously in question given their past.







The statue of Garuda above with the thick coat of dirt didn’t come from anyone’s attic or shelf, but was probably robbed from the grave like so many other items the Chinese are selling, especially some sellers like this one.



Masks and Wall Hangings:

Long regarded as an essential prop to many rituals and for retelling stories with great drama, Tibetans without such is like a stage without actors. The theater dies- those old familiar stories in people’s minds handed down for generations. Whispers becomes the main show, in dark corners out of prying eyes, and then is severed completely…



Other Items:


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