The Black List

All because I wanted to know where artifacts came from, there have been a number of Ebay dealers, mainly loyal party members (I suspect) on the Chinese mainland who have access to completely free shipping who have barred me from bidding.

As stock rooms are gone through, some types of items disappear totally from Ebay, while some appear en masse- like these shell pendants they’ve apparently recently rolled out. As the only anthropologist apparently trying to make scientific collections for museums on Ebay instead of just making money off other people’s misfortune, I find this phenomenon frightening. So not only can I not get them to stop selling off all of human prehistory before someone else has a chance to look at it, but I can’t even buy a piece of it to preserve. I could change user names I guess, but at this point they all know who I am and it is deceptive to do this- and I’ve already seen too much of deceit. So I’ve been making digital copies of photographs and trying to raise awareness before they kill me. Which may not be long given their bloody and violent history and the fact they obviously don’t care about anyone else- past or present.

Two Beast Shou Shell Pendant These shell carved Shou Beasts are from the Ebay shop hongshanculture who barred me from bidding after I’d bought a number of items from them and had only asked another Chinese dealer where things came from.

Phoenix and dragon This shell carved Dragon and Phoenix is from the Ebay shop allok7778 who also barred me from bidding after I’d bought a number of items from them once again and had only talked to another Chinese Ebay dealer. I even had items that I won from them still and packages in the mail after they barred me- which they sent, but it was just weird because we’d never had a problem and I always paid them on time.

Shell phoenix dragon pendant This shell carved Dragon and Phoenix- Yin and Yang is from the Ebay shop zzqtk who also barred me after I talked to another dealer about where things come from.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get any recent copies of the photographs of the items from the Chinese dealer that I asked questions of initially, the Chinese are quite adept at little computer glitches like disabling right clicks which Ebay’s system allows. But their shop name is mm888home on Ebay. I’d paid this particular dealer hundreds and hundreds of dollars because I felt like China’s archeological past- particularly Hongshan pieces he had- were in danger of being forever lost. But then I gave him a neutral review because I just couldn’t leave feedback for some of the sacred buddhist items I’d purchased without saying something. And when confronted about the origin of the dzi beads he’d sold me, he said, “from big Tibetan market”. But then when I said I didn’t think Tibetans typically had complete crystal Hongshan netsuke sets in their closet along with 3,000 year old sets of jade bi’s, he totally cut me off along with the other dealers aforementioned.

I find the whole thing pretty scary and if I wind up dead soon, you’ll be one of the few people to probably know why. I’m the only person in this world with my particular name and the Chinese communists all have my address because I’ve bought so much stuff trying to figure out who they are and how it all works. Whoops. I hope that someone can please help these people before we all end up in stocks and chains having our stuff sold on the internet and our dead grandparents dug up and robbed.


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