Hall of Enslaved Idols

Highlighting religious shrines taken over the long years of oppression and taken by force or from the grave from both Tibetans and Chinese then used to make profits for the communist party currently on Ebay. They’ve long held such statues in reserve, storing them since the Chinese Communist revolution and take over of Tibet in 1959, and would like to sell them as quickly as possible and get them out of the country entirely it would seem. No reserve! 99 cents starting price!

To try to separate which is Tibetan and which is Chinese or which belonged to which family I believe is folly, particularly when it comes to religious icons and shrines. For China has been Tibet’s largest trading partner, and religiously it has had great influence over China for many eons. To try to appeal to the other’s sense of style and taste is natural to try to sell things to each other, and to say that one another didn’t influence each other- even stealing from each other’s ideas and copying designs- is to be prejudice.

This is not a fully list of Buddhist deities, nor is it a complete list of everything that is currently for sale on Ebay- just one venue online to sell out of many the Chinese also use- but it is the “tip of the iceberg” so to speak. Hopefully it provides a glimpse of the Tibetan and Chinese culture, religion and history that is being lost to western collectors and museums every day, and what has wrongfully been taken for so long.

Avalokitesara=  Kwanyin/Guanyin/Chenrezig/Tara


To the left is Sakyamuni, center is Amitabha, and right is Medicine Buddha


Green Tara





Wooden crucifix

Jesus Christ










Vajrayogini & Vajravarahi

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