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1958 Tibetan Woman vs. Chinese Army
1958: Tibetan Woman vs. Chinese Army

The oppression of the Tibetan people by Chinese began long ago in history, but since the arrival of the Communists to power in 1949, even the highlands which these people were chased to (and or cornered in), has been under siege.

There is a great deal of archeological evidence- which the Chinese are currently selling as knick knacks and trinkets on the internet- that the Tibetan people carry on a continuum of culture in China that has stretched back at least 3-5 thousand years before Christ. Yep, all those things that China has long taken credit for inventing- metal, paper, the compass- may not actually be theirs either, a fact they may have discovered- hence part of the reason they just want to sell it without provenance and totally annihilate Tibetans off the face of the planet. This, one of the world’s oldest civilizations, is under siege as never before, with not only people currently being destroyed and their personal possessions being sold, but the graves- ancient and contemporary- are being robbed as well. There is ample evidence of this on the internet, as hopefully this site will demonstrate.

Bronze skull- one of many- taken graves- the dust of ages still covering it as it is sold for pennies on Ebay.
Bronze skull- one of many- taken graves- the dust of ages still covering it as it is sold for pennies on Ebay.

If they, the Chinese, rob the graves and say not where they got their items, many of the pendants sold I’m sure are from there, then what else are they trying to hide?

The first thing that they did after Hitler died was tour the mass graves of his victims, because his own people didn’t believe how evil he truly was. It looks like the Chinese have caught onto this fact, and before opening up their country to any more foreigners, they are cleaning up dirty little secrets- one grave at a time.

There is also ample evidence that Tibetans and Buddhists are being slaughtered- live ones, then all their things are taken TODAY, I fear the train has only made it easier to ship not only people but their things to wherever the Chinese want them to go, including hell itself. It is unknown whether most of the people who owned much of the jewelry currently on Ebay- all used which the Chinese lie about and say is new- are still alive. There are known forced labor camps and this is why the Chinese sell everything they find of the Tibetans- to fund imprisoning them?

If you despised people to begin with, would you want to spend a dime of your own money to feed or clothe them? So the Chinese steal from the living and dead to feed this insanity that is called total domination, power and control. Or maybe all this money only goes to fund a lavish lifestyle by Communist Party members, and are bribes and kickbacks while Tibetans still don’t get a thing. You have to gnaw off your own arm for dinner if you want to eat in prison too.

2012: Tibetan Man vs. Chinese Army
2012: Tibetan Man vs. Chinese Army

Although I suspect a lot of the Tibetan goods the Chinese are selling on Ebay comes from that initial Maoist era push into Tibet in the 1960’s where over a million Tibetans were known to have perished, but many items are newer, and their source cannot be excused as such.

Why would the Chinese lie so many times about used items- saying they were brand new? Tibet has been under lockdown since 2008 and since then there have only been reports of people going missing, random monks protesting and being taken away and of people’s homes being taken over again and again. And then this enormous quantity of Tibetan items just “happens” to show up being sold entirely by the Chinese in everyplace but Tibet? All coincidence?


For they put a train track through to Tibet, and Hitler once used trains too. Hitler also sold people’s gold, their diamonds, robbing their families and businesses of everything- including their gold teeth. The resemblances between regimes are striking, particularly when you start adding up how much has been stolen and how many people are missing.

Tibetans are a people who by nature are isolated, living in enclaves in mountains, and by purposefully keeping them more isolated, this allows for the opportunities for more people to go missing. Entire towns could go missing, a million out of 9, and would we know it? Would any other Tibetans know it besides the people directly affected?

A poster that came out right before Tibet was completely closed off to the outside world in 2008. This is where the vast quantity of Buddhist and Tibetan items on the internet and maybe in a shop in your own city comes from. Scary! Paying a higher price doesn’t mean that the goods were legally obtained either, it just means that someone is probably just making more money off their captives/victims.


Today the Chinese government continues to crack down on Tibetans and their advocates, taking whatever they can and demolishing entire houses, confiscating lands, and arresting people just for displaying a picture of the Dalai Lama. There is also a crackdown on Chinese citizens, with many being held without fair trial and personal belongings confiscated too. Most of the arrests recently in China occur in Sichuan Province.

2015 and Prior News Stories:

2016 News Stories:

“However, after taking him away, they were reported to have searched his room to also find a Free Tibet slogan in English written on a wall.” – Evidence found when Jampa Gelek, a monk who was photographed in front of a Tibetan national flag was arrested in 2016.

“The first group of 76 teachers had already arrived to take up positions in the regional capital of Lhasa, and in more remote areas such as Xigaze (Tibetan: Shigatse), Nyingchi (Nyingtri), Shannan (Lhokha) and Qamdo (Chamdo) under the programme which is for three years, reported China’s official Xinhua news agency Apr 20. There was no suggestion that any of the 700 Chinese teachers were required to be able to speak or understand Tibetan.” – China plans to send 700 Chinese teachers to Tibet where the Tibetan language is already taught only as a language class at primary school level.

“After the destruction, the authorities have warned the Tibetan residents not to take photos of the wreckage and not to go near their destroyed property, the source added, saying “the Tibetan victims were not given an opportunity to express their grievances.”- After 900 homes were destroyed by the Chinese in Kala Village, 2015.

The last known photograph taken of Jampal Gyatso, protesting for a free Tibet and holding up a picture of the Dalai Lama, right before his subsequent arrest by Chinese authorities on September 9, 2015. He was sentenced to three years in prison in 2016 without legal representation, relatives weren’t allowed to visit, and his condition is unknown.

“The monasteries have been placed under controls and restrictions in all aspects of their functioning; monks and nuns have been expelled from their religious institutions, and bans and restrictions have been placed on the local lay-people’s practice of their religious faith. The monasteries have been turned into semblances of Chinese government offices while monks and nuns have been forced to act like members of the Communist Party of China….The measures were designed to fundamentally destroy the traditional identity of the Tibetan people as well as their religion and culture with the sole aim to transform Tibet into a colony of China. Likewise, the campaign of investigating corruption in Tibet was ordered was to be used as a means to resolutely crackdown on officials and party members who follow the Dalai Lama.”  -Speaker of the Tibetan Parliament in-Exile, Mr Penpa Tsering, December 10, 2015

“They forcibly took away dozens of persons, among them there were several children around 10 years and several older people around 70 years. They left several policemen to carry on continuous surveillance. They took the computer, assets and all the valuable possessions of His Holiness the Vairocana Xing Wu (Mr. Wu Zeheng), without a signed list.” – Huazang Center on the arrest of their leader in 2014 http://www.huazangcentre.com/?justiceformaster=7-29

“He further explained, ‘police opened fire on the neighborhood, severely injuring and possibly killing two locals who have been taken to a Chinese hospital after the local hospital was unable to treat their wounds.’ – when Chinese authorities sided with a yak thief instead of stopping them in Serta County, Eastern Tibet in 2016.

“Over 100 women from Gachoe village in the Tibet Autonomous Region’s Lhundrub (in Chinese, Linzhou) county protested in front of county offices on June 13, a source living in the area told RFA’s Tibetan Service. ‘They carried photos of five Chinese leaders and a national flag and marched through the streets, shouting,’ RFA’s source said, speaking on condition of anonymity. ‘Only women participated in the protest out of fear that Chinese police would crack down on any men taking part,’ he said.”- Tibetan Farm Women Protest Loss of Their Land

“Monks and nuns have watched helplessly as Chinese demolition teams have rolled into Serthar, Kardze and begun tearing down their homes at the Larung Gar institution, one of the world’s largest monastic institutions with a population of over ten thousand Buddhist practitioners.”- Monks, nuns helpless as Buddhist academy in Tibet faces demolition

“After claiming that one of the world’s largest Buddhist study centres located in the Tibetan county of Serta (Chinese: Seda) in Karze (Ganzi or Garze) Prefecture, Sichuan Province, was only being renovated, China is now preventing news and information about the massive ongoing destruction there from being sent out by closely monitoring telephonic and online traffics, reported the Tibetan Service of Radio Free Asia (Washington) Aug 3. ‘No one is allowed to go near the areas being destroyed or to take photos or video of the demolition activities going on there,’ the report quoted a local source as saying.” – China cracking down on news about destruction at top Tibetan Buddhist study centre

“Dubpa Kyab has written many essays and poems under the name of Gang Metak, poems — reveal the suffering and pain endured by Tibetans during the deadly crackdown on 2008 protests, and the hardships faced by Tibetans trapped in the web of official corruption and profiteering.” – Five Tibetans jailed over alleged anti-Communist movement in Tibet

“Another provision in the textbook prohibited the monks from sharing information on social media such as wechat, to the outside world, declaring it as an illegal act of “leaking state secrets” and “engaging in separatist activities.” – China further tightens control over sharing information from Tibet

China is bulldozing its way to the future, one Tibetan home at a time. Larung Gar, Sichuan Province, 2016.

 Links to relevant sites:

“The Chinese government has invested a great deal in Tibet, and that was very clear to us, but that investment should not come at the price of an entire culture. You cannot confine a people’s culture and heritage – their very sense of identity – to a museum or a market of handicrafts.”- Jim McGovern (D-Mass) after a very controlled visit to Tibet in 2015.

Most parts of Tibet have suffered severe crackdowns and been under heightened restrictions and controls in the past six decades, that China calls it a “peaceful liberation”. But Tibetans describe a systematic repression, excluded from positions of power and imprisoned.

China’s invasion of Tibet and its continuous implementation of harsh policies to crackdown the freedom of Tibetans living inside Tibet have triggered Tibetans to resort to more extreme forms of resistance.“- Yeshe Choesang, The Tibet Post Internatonal

Though terrorism has yet to catch on while Buddha still has a foothold in Tibet, immoliations- burning oneself by fire to protest China’s treatment of Tibet is very popular and ensures that a protestor will not be tortured ruthlessly in prison afterwards. Over 140 people have self immoliated since 2009.

Fact sheet on Self Immoliations by Tibetans from the International Campaign for Tibet including a list of all the people known to have died in protest.


Kalsang Wangdu, a 18-year old monk from the Retsokha Aryaling Monastery- the first known self-immolator for 2016.

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