Emeralds, Rubies and Gold

A treasury built up over 1,000’s of years, lost.

And they call Tibetans poor, the Dalai Lama himself does, however poor people do not own things like this. A little substance perhaps in the Communist ideology that Tibet was ruled by an aristocratic elite in which wealth- though perhaps great- did not trickle down to the common people.

  • See this auction (also a Buy It now option for $812.95) by sweaterchick

Made of gold, coral and turquoise as well as emeralds and rubies, this seller isn’t being exactly truthful when they state that one is “new without tags” while the other is “Pre-owned: Looks unused but I am unsure.” If you were selling something for $800 wouldn’t you also notice a ruby missing from the crown of the Buddha holding the shell above, or the wear on the coral inlay? 


But to confiscate everything that is rich in Tibet, then sell it through just a couple Chinese antique dealers who often have multiple shops, isn’t redistribution at all. It is like blood that pools, the Tibetan gold and emeralds pool too, and instead 100 or 1,000 families owning such items, they are owned by 5 or 10 (if that).


These may have been owned by the Dalai Lama and his predecessors, and they may have been owned by the first emperors of Tibet prior to Lamas taking over. They also could have been the property of not individuals, but monasteries, used to hold sacred items important to all.




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