Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Even though large tracts of Europe and many old and famous States have fallen or may fall into the grip of the Gestapo and all the odious apparatus of Nazi rule, we shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender…”- Winston Churchill, 1940


The fact that the Chinese are also selling their veteran’s war medals along side so many bronze arrowheads, old coins, religious items, snuff bottles, and Tibetan things leads me to believe the Chinese imprisoned and perhaps murdered many of their own veterans along the way too. No honor among thieves:

In addition to selling medals individually, the Chinese are eager to get rid of large lots for cheap- often the going rate is $1 per medal.

The way that these medals are all piled up shows a great deal of disrespect, especially for people who fought for your country, and exemplified the type of attitude of Chinese sellers have towards the very goods they are selling. These date from the beginning stages of revolution in the early 20th century to the 1970’s when Chairman Mao finally died, and include soldiers on all sides, not just of their enemies.

In the item specifics for the sale of these veteran’s medals there is this disclaimer on one of the sellers pages:

Seller Notes: Please note that this medal collected from antique market, cannot guarantee is a real antique.

The majority of medals seem to be from the 40’s and 50’s, but there are a variety of ages and one Chinese seller states they are in the age range of 1900- 1970. About the time that the dates stop on these medals is when China became a more open country under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping in 1978 and Chairman Mao was no longer the supreme leader.


Though we tend to think of Tibetans as peaceful Buddhists or smiling people with a bunch of beads, there is a contingent out there that after more than half a century of murder, robbery and oppression have had enough.


And then their stuff ends up on Ebay a couple weeks later. Go fig.

This modern slingshot I found in an shop that carries almost exclusively antique Chinese goods. I wonder how it got there?


Unfortunately I was unable to get many photos of protests in China, specifically of Tibetans nor of Uyghurs, but here is a photo of your typical youth fighting “The Man”:


Note the masks, and in their hands- the most common weapon of choice for people protesting without guns- slingshots!

More slingshots from the same Ebay shop that carried the one that looked brand new:



  • See this auction: sold 12/16/2015 for $5.50 by goodjv
  • Another auction, same photo, same seller: sold 01/14/2016 for $14.50 by goodjv
  • Another auction, different ph0to, different seller: sold 12/15/2015 for $8.50 by zzqtk
  • Another auction, same photo, same seller as previous: sold 01/12/2016 for $17.05 by zzqtk
  • Buy It Now page, same photo, same seller as previous ($22.69): no longer a registered user 2016 by zzqtk
  • Another auction, different photo, different seller : sold 12/19/2015 for $8.50 by baixue20140709
  • Another auction, different photo, different seller: sold 10/15/2016 for $9.50 by baixue20140709
  • Another auction, same photo, different seller: sold 01/17/2016 for $4.01 by chinese*art*antique


A slightly different slingshot, newer, but strangely being sold in stores full of antiques. Probably lightly used, put into a plastic bag and resold as “new” like so many other goods being sold on Ebay.


  • Buy It Now page ($17.99- 2 available 12/2015, relisted at $29.99): listing ended 03/22/2016 with no sale by honesty-shop998

And yet another model above of newer slingshot being sold in a shop almost exclusively of antiques, but missing key Asian antiques such as rugs and bamboo baskets that a normal shop would have, as well as the one below.


Evidence that supports that the Chinese government is indeed behind at least some of the sales on Ebay are the numbers of Japanese swords, pistol holsters, hats and other items that Japanese soldiers may have had with them when they attacked tried to take over China in the Second Sino-Japanese War 1937-1945. Next to Samurai swords and old Chinese Army surplus are also swords of Xinjiang- with eagles and Arabic calligraphy, and Mongolian (?) and ones from the Republic of China from the times of the Chinese Civil War in 1927-1950, or maybe they are swords that were confiscated over the years from individuals, or came from a recent knife and sword amnesty turn in day in China.

Though the lower Eagle sword clearly has Manchu? or perhaps Islamic script, but probably not handmade in Europe as the title of the item would have you believe “HandMade Europe Military Tanto Sword Short Dagger Eagle Handle”. This is probably one of those swords recovered from those loyal to the Republic of China, not the Communist Party of China. They probably have at least one warehouse full of old swords they are just piecing out one by one from both their own people and the Japanese.


Though there are lots of reproductions of military apparel, when one shop carries two different versions of Japanese foot soldiers hats from WWII, probably at least one of them is real.


Apparently the Japanese hats from WWII above may have been all from the same stockpile- and/or sold by the same person, with all selling out at the same time around May 2017.



Buy It Now page ($17.00- 5 available 1/2016) by fangsword2009210

I would assume because of the Rape of Nanking on top of other horrific acts of inhumanity against Chinese in WWII, the Japanese are still not popular there. I cannot imagine any Chinese person- communist or not- ever wanting to purchase, let alone manufacture replica Japanese soldier hats from WWII. I believe that these Japanese soldier hats are ALL real, and not one has been sewn in recent times- though they are all sold as replicas, just like the canteen holders and WWII ammo pouches from the US Army that they are right next to.



Copper Tibetan Helmet complete with wings on the sides and 

This helmet and its owner may have defended Tibet against the Chinese invasion in the 1950’s along with the mace below featuring the four faces of Laughing Buddha.



Vintage if not antique 9 Section chain whip also featuring Budai which may impart the weapon with more power, and most certainly was owned by a monastery practicing martial arts prior to its confiscation and subsequent sale on Ebay.

Then right next to Tibetan resin kapalas (sacred skulls) I found these “paintball masks”:


In a country where you can be executed for any little thing, it would be important to keep your face covered, and what better what to riot in or try any sort of action against the government- than in these? Then your face is protected and eyes as well as identity.

Myanmar police officers stand guard as protesters stage a protest near The Chinese Embassy in Yangon on December 29, 2014. Note the guy in the golden hockey mask in the middle of the crowd.

Tibetans and Chinese have religiously have been into skulls since time immemorial, and these masks verily as just an extension of such long standing practices and beliefs carried out to a practical extreme.


If you look closely at this picture (click to see larger), you can see that it shows some light use on the inside foam pads.

Tibetan Terrorist Mask

Buy It Now page ($64.99- 3 available 12/2015) by longyh118


Buy It Now page on Ebay ($62 in August, $48.44 in December 2015) by longyh118


Buy It Now page on Ebay ($7.04- more than 10 available, 11 sold 12/2015) by emilyandlily

Other masks that seem popular for protesters to wear and for the government to confiscate include Guy Fawkes:

Guy fawkes Communist Confiscation

Buy It Now page on Ebay ($1.78- 30 available, 64 sold 12/2015) by chunyong1975


Buy It Now page ($32.50- 3 available, 2 sold 12/2015) by cool2066

USA Guy Fawkes Chinese Protester Mask

Buy It Now page on Ebay ($41.69- 4 available 12/2015) by cool2066

Guy Fawkes- New Zealand

Buy It Now page on Ebay ($59.58- 5 available 12/2015) by cool2066

What doesn’t say “Get out of my way!” when you are wearing a Zombie Vampire Soldier mask? Mmm… blood.

Buy It Now page on Ebay ($29.59- 2 available 12/2015) by cool2066

This one even appears to show some paint wear.
This has some pretty obvious wear and scuffs.

Another perennial worldwide favorite- Star Wars themed characters:

Storm Trooper Tibetan Protester Mask

Buy It Now page ($42.15- 2 available 12/2015) by cool2066

Tibetan Protester Mask- Stormtrooper II stormtrooperbb

Buy It Now page ($43.79- 6 available) by cool2066

Punisher Mask

Buy It Now page ($65.96- 7 available 12/2015) by cool2066

For a number of masks, they’ve the exact same interior photo shot again and again, though the mask is totally different. Probably the interior of some masks show too many signs of use and wear, so they’ve just used a stock photo of the inside instead:

Stock photo of mask interior used multiple times.
Stock photo of mask interior used multiple times to cover up prior use and ownership.

 Ebay shops that use this same stock photo for “paint ball mask” interiors: longyh118  cool2066 and are also selling “resin” Tibetan human skulls.

Examples of number of “paint ball” Masks that stock interior photo was used on:

Flags of countries are a moderately popular theme to use
Flags of countries are a moderately popular theme to use

Buy It Now page on Ebay ($65)

Notice a difference in the two masks? After a few months the links on Ebay go dead, and I was unable to find the mask above again, however I did find the ones below. Could be that the protesters just got smarter about their eye protection, or maybe the ones above had the screens damaged and taken out?


Buy It Now page ($59.98- 3 available 12/2015) by honesty117

Another Buy It Now page, same photos, same seller ($53.54- 3 available 12/2015) by longyh118


Buy It Now page ($29.60- 3 available 12/2015) by cool2066

Another Buy It Now page, same photos, different seller ($39.80- 5 available 12/2015) by longyh118

Tibetan Protester Mask- CrossBuy It Now page on Ebay ($65) by cool2066

Buy It Now Page, same photo, different seller ($55.24- 3 available 12/2015) by longyh118

Crosses, popular in Tibet since apparently before Jesus in the form of phurbas and sword pendants, are also seen in the art on their protest masks. As you can see, it afforded the user little more protection than other designs against their enemy though.

Yellow Fiberglass Tibetan Protest Cross Mask

Buy It Now page on Ebay ($65)

Tibetan Protester Mask- Cross III

Buy It Now page on Ebay ($52.64- 3 available, 2 sold 12/2015) by cool2066

Another Buy It Now page, same photo, different seller ($56.98- 2 available, 1 sold 12/2015)  by honesty117

Another Buy It Now page, same photo, different seller ($56.90- 3 available 12/2015) by longyh118

The exact same Ebay dealers who carry so many “paint ball” masks also carry these Tibetan kapala skulls which they say are “resin 1:1 models”. They could be “fake”, but then they could also be real. Also even if they are “fake”- chances are that they are not so fake since real human skulls have gotten scarcer and scarcer to come by, particularly in a country in which their religious beliefs have long been suppressed, and religious artifacts taken, destroyed and sold to unwitting buyers on the internet.

When I tried to find out exactly where they came from- I asked for the address the to “kapala making factory”, so I could visit there the next time I was visiting Tibet- the seller wouldn’t tell me any information and said I couldn’t visit because they don’t speak English and are too poor. I still really doubt they are resin at all, but have yet to cough up the $125 to find out conclusively exactly what these are or are not- either way it is robbery to Tibet, real or “fake”. People deserve so much more than this:

“Resin Replica 1:1 Human Skull”

Buy It Now page on Ebay ($122.16- 8 available 12/2015) by cool2066



This is what I want to call a Commander’s Mask. You can see by the photos the mouth piece has quite a bit of dirt there, maybe for steampunk effect, but maybe because if of use too.

Buy It Now page ($188.99- 3 available, 10 sold- 12/2015) by cool2066

Another Buy It Now page ($187.99- 3 available, 1 sold- 12/2015)

by honesty117

Seig Heil!

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