This Week’s Mail (Late July, 2015) from China

Another order of mixed beads I suspect is Tibetan from yet another Ebay dealer in America. Also it contained bits of shrapnel and this nice used pendant made of plastic. At least this particular dealer didn’t say these beads were brand new, but they also shorted me about 35 beads from the 500 they said were there & couldn’t tell the difference between plastic and bone apparently. The fact that the bones match the others Ebay dealers said were brand new and the fact it had this obviously used plastic pendant in it confirms what I was saying already about … Continue reading This Week’s Mail (Late July, 2015) from China

This Week’s Mail from China

Heading home in a box… 2.2lbs of ancient beads on Ebay and the Ebay Shop- asianjungle77 who sold them to me as “new without tags”. Other Ebay dealers I’ve spotted carrying similar bones- all in America- assumably the Chinese didn’t want to have any problem with CITES so they dispersed such goods off the mainland along with much of the more readily identifiable Tibetan jewelry: flipson2006 jintljamsonsinternationaltradinginc mygann See this Ebay store in India- silverjewelrista selling exclusively Tibetan items and lying about every piece they sell. Other Ebay stores in India with similar business practices that the Chinese have set up … Continue reading This Week’s Mail from China

The Black List

All because I wanted to know where artifacts came from, there have been a number of Ebay dealers, mainly loyal party members (I suspect) on the Chinese mainland who have access to completely free shipping who have barred me from bidding. As stock rooms are gone through, some types of items disappear totally from Ebay, while some appear en masse- like these shell pendants they’ve apparently recently rolled out. As the only anthropologist apparently trying to make scientific collections for museums on Ebay instead of just making money off other people’s misfortune, I find this phenomenon frightening. So not only … Continue reading The Black List

Introducing China’s Cottage Industry of Death

There are just so many things wrong with the current Chinese Ebay situation I don’t know where to begin. But it would seem from the vast numbers of Tibetan and Buddhist items in their hands along side millions of snuff bottles (used for opium) being vastly underpriced that they often lie about and say are new, that they have murdered and robbed thousands if not hundreds and thousands and millions of people. Though I’ve tried to contact the authorities, the White House, Ebay, the press, different sellers and even every single Tibetan Buddhist enclave I could find an email address for, I’ve received no … Continue reading Introducing China’s Cottage Industry of Death