White Tara

Taras in Tibetan Buddhism have 21 manifestations, all being different colors, and offers energy or virtue to help people on their spiritual journeys.

White Tara is known for compassion, long life, healing and serenity; also known as The Wish-fulfilling Wheel, or Cintachakra. It is one of the two most popular forms of Tara in Tibet, the other is Green Tara.

Unfortunately all of these shrines and other religious depictions are not being sold by private individuals, but by the Chinese government itstelf and were taken by force from many a Tibetan family against their will when they may have been imprisoned and/or relocated which happens quite often these days. By taking, selling and shipping some of the most sacred objects that people own, it has literally taken much of Tibet right out of Tibet while making far more money than just destroying the objects outright.

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White Tara thankga that is hand painted with gold on canvas instead of woven in silk:


  • See this auction by buddhismarts: no longer a registered user when checked back on auction- same seller in Australia has used multiple aliases before to sell these same handpainted Tibetan thangkas for a fraction of their value. In one year alone they had used 4 different names, opening and closing shops to apparently hide their identity/earnings/or bad feedback. They are the only one in Australia with this style of thangka selling it on Ebay though, making it obvious that they were the same people who had just renamed thier shop.