Chinese-Tibetan Artifact Repatriation

Free pendants!!

That’s right folks, Tibetan or Chinese and handcarved from various materials, we are just giving them away, but with the knowledge of what they are and how they came to be here to the people and the families who have escaped Tibet, China, Hong Kong, to Taiwan, or elsewhere. Please just send me some kind of documentation that your family was part of this horrific holocaust and even may have had their ancestors graves looted along with millions of others, and I will send you a small token- a memento of the tragedy.

If you would like to contribute, I would also love to publish first hand accounts of anyone who would like to tell them to people about how these pendants might have came to be sold en masse on Ebay, but it is certainly not required to receive a free pendant, only some sort of documentation is that you were once from China (within the last 100 or so years) and left. No pendants will be sent to survivors and descendants in China nor Hong Kong because of their government’s clear disregard for personal property and the fact they could just be re-confiscated and sold again on Ebay, but I give to you my sincere apologies.


See, it started off where people were mad- mad at the world for having more than them. So they took and took and took and took from many a rich person, and the poor too while clearing out grave after grave that was in the way of new construction throughout the country. Then they had more than the world had ever seen. So they had to lie about them all, otherwise they would look even worse than the regime they deposed and were supposedly better than, and they continued to devalue the personal belongings they stole just like they devalued the people so long ago and just yesterday, just yesterday they were robbed too as well. These behaviors haven’t changed, but become more entrenched in parts of China where no one sees or talks about if they don’t want their things to be stolen too, while their wherabouts go unknown.

The goods the Chinese communists have taken from others includes everyone in China apparently from Tibetans and monks to their own soldiers, the common people, the rich and the richest of the rich- their Emperors, Empresses, Kings and their tombs were robbed too- along with a lost battalion from Alexander the Great’s army perhaps, and the beginnings of “Western Civilization” apparently with many Indus Valley like artifacts also being looted. The Western Xia Dynasty is also another prime suspect for the artifacts to be flowing from, and as for contemporary sources of newer pendants the Chinese government has called at least 1 million of its own officials “corrupt” since 2012, so you could imagine- that might be quite a pile of loot within itself if you are a state who has no belief in private property, particularly if you are caught stealing from the state.

The US government also seizes criminal property and sells it, but they tell you about it, a key fact the Chinese have completely forgotten about, but then they would have to account for the sheer volume of it, as well as women’s goods which indicates something else besides apprehending criminals was going on. So they sell it “new without tags”, call the Tibetan’s ancient stones from Madagascar or Brazil, and aren’t all that concerned when you catch them selling some fake Nikes.

Antique if not ancient turquoise bi being sold as “new without tags” for $1.22 (or less).

If you have documentation and would like to have an item taken from the enslaved, tortured, dethroned, and/or dead to pass along to your children that came directly from the hands of the Chinese Red Guard themselves (in which I only fed them a bowl of rice for, but then perhaps the bowl of rice went to those still enslave in captivity- Lao gai prison- and that is how they pay for it)- please send all requests to me at If you have a request for a specific type of pendant and/or time period, I will try to work with you and see if there is something in my growing collections (which will hopefully become the Chinese-Tibetan Holocaust Museum someday) that will suit you and your family for generations to come, or you can donate it back to the museum someday.



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