Ebay’s Unfair Business Tactics

Did you know that many of the Chinese sellers on Ebay flooding the market not only have obtained most of their goods through robbing Tibetans and aristocrats as well as graves left and right for decades, but also fix prices by bidding against legitimate bidders? Some of the major players whose daily business practices include this unfair tactic, and whose yearly sales total well over a 1 million USD each are listed below:

This practice is certainly not limited to these sellers but seems to be a widespread and common practice among a majority of Chinese antique sellers that I’ve seen. See, I’ve been tracking their auctions as well as bidding on them myself, and below a certain threshhold, the sellers will not actually sell the items but will bid against you to raise your final price using a different account. If they end up winning the item, they just relist it- which is pretty obvious sometimes it is the exact same item you didn’t win and supposedly they just sold when its a unique one-of-a-kind antique. Another route is to stop the auction before it has ended, and I’ve also even had sellers cancel low final price auctions after the auction is complete. Ebay provides absolutely no recourse or help with these criminal sellers who have absolutely no morals to begin with and are completely corrupt.

Carved from pure crystal and gemstones, this reliquary also came directly from a cave/grave/or stupa that has been looted of its contents by the Chinese. There a hundreds if not thousands of these sacred relics for sale, and it is unknown how many less ornate ones might have already been sold and used for candy dishes when cleaned up. 

Besides the Tibetans, it was also the Qiang, the Miao, those tribal people next to Thailand, wasn’t it that China hit hardest? The Aryans in Tibet? Mongolians? Manchu? Those fabled red-heads? And north and south fought mightily- but who won? To the victor go the spoils and greater than the world has ever seen they sell for a fraction of its value like common street criminals who need to fence their stolen goods. See, if you are a thief, your loot may be worth millions, but the price you will get for it, is a fraction of that- if you can sell it at all. Good thing they have so much volume of stolen goods to work with! And have multiple aliases! And price setting!

Please see the rest of the site for more information on what is currently being looted by lying, cheating and perhaps murdering if not enslaving thieves. Think about the future of this planet and your children. We all have to live together and if the majority of the planet just got away with murder and robbery on this scale, then where do we go next?


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