Sightings of Tibetan Stuff Around the Web

Though this site focuses mainly on what is currently being looted and sold on Ebay, the Tibetan’s goods have flooded the world’s markets and nowhere is safe. When I was thinking about gauging my ears, it turned out that every single seller of body piercings was also selling carved stone ones made from the Tibetan’s favorite stones, of which they are losing tons of on Ebay as well:

Ear plugs (gauges) being sold that are made from the Tibetan’s favorite stones
  • Sale page on – 15 pairs of plugs for $21.00
  • Buy It Now page on Ebay for 15 pairs, different photo ($17.99- more than 10 available, 84 sold 03/2017) by yoyo-jewelry

And this is how they can sell hand carved stones for less than $2.00 apiece. They are used! They are confiscated from troubled youth probably! Or not so troubled but just trying to look cool! There are a number of synthetic stones in the picture above which indicate their origins are closer to Tibet than China- including most importantly the turquoise- which is a synthetic form shown in both white and blue above, but commonly comes in red and green too. Please see the page Dying in Sea of Blue on this site for more details on Tibetan turquoise.

Some guy who thinks he looks really cool in the Tibetan’s jewelry on YouTube which may or may not be taken from political prisoners who were protesting losing their family home or some kids caught smoking weed


Random web photo featuring horn ear tapers, another Tibetan style flooding the market 

After looking and looking at sellers online of body jewelry I came to the conclusion that all of them seem to be supplied by the same people and all had highly suspect goods. Though stainless steel tapers could be brand new, it also could have been worn for just a couple weeks while moving up to a different size by some kid in Sichuan Province for all I know, so I’ve decided to make my own body jewelry and be different, and suggest you do the same.

Though I’ve tried and tried to contact any and all news organizations to cover this huge liquidation of anything that is Tibetan as well as parts of China, I haven’t been able to get anyone’s attention, let alone actually get them to run a news story on the subject. But then low and behold I ran across Barbara Walters wearing huge strands of Tibetan turquoise on national TV. Looks like someone’s been helping themselves, but not others to me.



If Tibet is a small fraction of China, yet the Chinese are selling mainly their things and are even drilling out old sacred crystals- that might have even been robbed from people’s graves- to make new pipes for today’s weed smokers, then what does that say about China? The Chinese apparently get more for these crystals when they are drilled out like this, so more and more have been showing up on Ebay lately. The example below is an obviously well used crystal- and it is a funky blue color that indicates it may be a smelted one- made from melted quartz crystals they added other minerals to color it with. If it is smelted crystal and not a natural one- which I think it is- it wasn’t just found like this yesterday- but carved to look like a regular quartz crystal from a big block to begin- smelted rock doen’t just naturally grow like this but was melted into a big blob or slab then carved from that cooled chunk- and the edges and corners of the faux crystal were dinged and chipped with time.


No conversation about Chinese crystal sellers is complete without mentioning this hoard I found on Alibaba recently. Each one of these crystal towers is a holy relic taken from a shrine or stupa and may have contained the last remains of many an ancient and venerated monk, and offerings such as pebbles of precious stones. They still have dirt on them because that is where they came from. Sadly the Tibetan’s priceless religious relics are being sold for $35 to $50 apiece, and they are not the only company on Alibaba to say they could supply 20,000 pieces per week if you wanted them. That is a whole lot of shrines in Tibet that were completely cleaned out if you add it up and look at the evidence.


Please see this page for more looted religious relics- including other crystal stupas-stolen from Tibet and western China being sold by the Chinese everyday.



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