This Machine Kills Fascists

Though the robbery of Tibet and of its own Chinese citizens has continued unabated for decades, because of greed and selfishness, the Chinese communists have been caught red handed. Except no one was really paying any attention and no one really put it together until now.

In Tibet, Buddhist Monasteries have been destroyed, or more recently severely curtailed as places of religious freedom; intellectuals, writers and cultural figures have been silenced, tortured, and often worse; and, perhaps more worryingly for the future of Tibetan culture, most of the education system is conducted in the Chinese language.” – The Tibet Post

22 june 2012 004

Apparently besides all the burning and looting we are all familiar with by now, there are other cover ups, like the fact that the Tibetans and the Hongshan people may be one and the same and they actually invented a form of glass- which was melted crystal they still make and color today- 6,000 years ago or more. This melting of rock may have also paved the way for metals, indicating perhaps Tibet really isn’t getting the credit it is due historically and prehistorically let alone having so many physical objects taken and graves/stupas robbed.

The 4th century BCE text Liezi (Master Lie) recounts how the collapse of a pillar supporting Heaven causes damage to the sky, in response to which the goddess Nüwa ―smelted stones of all five colors to patch up the flaws‖ (Liang and Li 1995:96). The same story is related in the 2nd century BCE text Huainanzi (Masters of Huainan): ―Thereupon, Nüwa smelted together five-colored stones in order to patch up the azure sky. Although glass is not explicitly mentioned in either of these passages, the mention of smelting stone seems to describe glassmaking.” –Early Chinese Lead-Barium Glass by Christopher F. Kim
The smelted stones referred to in ancient texts I believe are actually smelted quartz in many colors which dates back to the Hongshan people as evidenced only by the artifacts being sold currently without provenance on Ebay. Because none of it has been put into a museum or studied by any outside scientists, their history of invention is being lost. The Hongshan also manufactured man-made turquoise is in a similar fashion- by melting rock, and this may be the origin for so many of the turquoise- both blue, red and other colors that we see today worn by Tibetans and stolen from them and put up for sale.

For more information on the religious and archeological artifacts that are currently being looted by the Chinese communists please see these pages:

Also I’ve started a sister website that is tracking the priceless artifacts of primarily Chinese history that are being looted and robbed. This contains the world’s finest and largest collection of the Emperor’s bronzes as well as cloisonne:

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