Meet the new brother (website)!

As families are with closed doors, what goes on in China, stays in China- or at least it did until they opened the doors themselves because of their own greed. For they wanted money, and lots of it, after so many years of being oppressed themselves, and they will let no moral nor rule nor law stand in their way.

Highlighting and tracking the completely lack of Chinese morals most often against fellow Chinese on this website are the pages Ali Babba and the 40 Theives and Other Victims of the Holocaust but I felt with the enormous volume and value of what was being looted they needed their own website. The new site Looting China will focus on Chinese goods that have apparently been confiscated from individuals and families and stolen from graves, and attempt to shed some light into the mysterious flood of goods that is so often sorely depreciated in price.


Tang Dynasty Sancai pottery horses, specifically produced as grave goods (meant only for tombs) some 1300 years ago, that were just on sale on Ebay for less than $200. Because they are grave goods, they would have been taboo for most Chinese to own, and to have them in a shop window might warrant arrest and execution. But here they are, being sold in broad daylight in an Ebay shop full of rare pottery- all being sold for a fraction of their value 8hk4428 in a “legitimate” Ebay shop that has been open for a long time, just like the thousands of real neolithic artifacts for sale under $10 and antique coins of almost pure silver that are sold for $1, there isn’t anything “legitimate” about any of it.


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