Tibet Comes To America!

For over half a century Chinese communists have killing people and taking people and in the process been confiscating what isn’t rightfully theirs, as well as bulldozing monasteries and people’s homes. Though the Chinese lies about used Tibetan goods are fairly obvious on Ebay when supposedly new bracelets are sent out by the dozens- dinged and scratched, bent ridiculously tiny and coupled with 1,000’s of Buddhist shrines directly from Tibet and snuff (opium) bottles- but it is less obvious when these goods have been repackaged and are in with a number of other legitimate goods in legitimate shops and stores not necessarily ran by the Chinese.

In the mall the other day I spotted these Tibetan pendants, made of resin from ground bones- and being sold by a little Mom & Pop booth selling handicrafts from Ecuador. They sell these by the dozen incredibly cheaply on Ebay straight from China- and this may even be where these people got their stock from. All used, but people apparently can’t tell because they don’t even suspect it, and aren’t familiar with the material and what it might look like brand new.

Crosses, skulls and elephants are all fairly typical Tibetan symbols, as well as “Indians”- because what we see as Indian is actually some Asian guy with feathers and a headdress. Chief they might still call him, and a symbol of wild Tibet and leadership thereof, not bureaucracy and desks and communism. Feathers are a very, very old form of adornment, and no people should have a monopoly on the look if others still adorn themselves with parts of nature too. Feathers are bright, feathers are light, its pretty natural some Tibetans are still going around in them.

Tibetan pendants at Equador booth in mall

Same kind of bone resin pendants, all used, all being lied about and sold as new- that I have bought straight from China:


Then I was at Wal Mart, and just thought I’d check the crafts department since we all know where most of Wal Mart’s stock comes from, and sure enough- there were a number of used Tibetan items being sold as brand new. This is a turquoise “bi”- a stone disc that the Chinese typically carve from jade- that Tibetans often make from dyed stone, agate and turquoise. Jade is quite expensive, and out of the reach of most Tibetans. But dyed stone is not.

Wal Mart Bi

If this bead were “brand new”- the hole would be freshly drilled, yet when I looked at it closely, it contains what appears to be salt deposits- a whitish substance that is caked on top of the stone itself. Though it could be some kind deposit from dying the stone a blue color after it was made, but it would probably be a blue color, wouldn’t it?

When I worked for the Bureau of Land Management in the American deserts I saw a lot of salt accumulations like this from percolation of water through soils, and this is what this seems to be to me.

Wal Mart Bi B

Another place I found Tibetan beads- all used- being sold as brand new is Hobby Lobby. There were all the characteristically Tibetan beads such as dyed howlite (“turquoise”), agate with white inlays that were probably used for Buddhist prayer beads and more, all being sold for a fraction of what they are really worth since they were 1/2 off.

Between the dirt that is so obvious in the cracks, and the graphics that have almost been entirely rubbed away, its pretty phenomenal how these used Tibetan items keep getting sold as brand new. Someone sure didn’t know what they were looking at and wasn’t paying any attention, that is surely a proven fact.


The coral that Tibetans have often isn’t ordinary coral gotten from seas (which is endangered anyway), but fossilized coral from high in the Himalayas. There is a real reason the prized this material- rare, strong and brightly colored- coral beads were handed down generation after generation as you can see from the wear on these beads that I purchased for $2.50 from Hobby Lobby in rural Eastern Washington.

Here is also a nice selection of Tibetan dyed beads that also have that weird encrusting of salts upon them. Even in the eye sockets of the skulls, this whitish material is caked. Certainly if these were freshly made beads they would not look like this.



These are not nice people!! This is organized crime to the fullest.

So very sad to see Tibet bought and sold by such greed and ignorance. I do hope someday someone might be able to help them before it is too late. I wonder what happens to the people who owned all these things that are being lied about. You don’t suppose the Chinese might lie about their condition too?




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