On the brighter side?

One of the things I noticed while looking on Google maps is that outside of a certain parameter around tourist centers like Jokhang Temple, there isn’t much in the way of photographs, and there is no “walking around” in street view mode the major religious sites or the city- meaning access to most areas is still very tightly controlled.

But one of the things I did manage to notice while looking around for mass graves that is really suspicious, is the amount of fútbol (soccer) fields Lhasa has. I mean, it is ridiculous, particularly for a city that size that is in the grips of frosty winter for more than half of the year to have 23 fútbol fields.

Really China?

Try to count them yourself and see how many you can come up with. And there isn’t a single person seen on any of them on this sunny day in summer when the aerial photo was taken. Just saying. Weird.


Maybe its all just according to “plan” though.


See a photosphere of  Lhasa on Google Maps



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