This Means War

In retaliation for the negative feedback I’ve left Chinese sellers on Ebay (exposing their lies about items being “brand new” to other buyers), they’ve apparently decided to leave me bad feedback too. Good thing I never sell really anything on there- I just have some paintings that are for protest purposes. So this is how to leave negative feedback without having to ever pay on Ebay:

  1. Place item(s) in cart
  2. Leave item(s) in cart without paying for a week, ignoring any invoice requests to pay by the seller
  3. Hope that they hit the “Cancel Order” radio button instead of the “Open an unpaid item case” – which of course, I did. Opening up a case against them seemed a bit much if they were just drunkenly placing things in their cart in the middle of the night…
  4. After seller requests to “Cancel Order”- don’t respond to any requests to do so.
  5. Then you are free to leave any kind of feedback you want without ever having to pay the seller for the item.

And there you have it- China’s first counterattack!


I assume that the two buyers are in fact the same person since I’ve never sold any paintings before this though I had them up for months, and have never sold any since. Just these 4 sales to 2 different Chinese buyers all in the same day.

This is the profile they invented- or have only used this kind of scam on other sellers where we can’t leave them feedback back: dglt8366


& This is the more established account: maling918


Though there isn’t any recent feedback for this account, apparently they were a typical Chinese seller of used items as “brand new” &/or knock offs according to their feedback:


Often the Chinese seller’s reach their $30,000 sales limit in a year and have multiple accounts, so maybe this is someone that is still selling on Ebay with a different account- one that I might have left negative feedback for who is retaliating, or it could be a parent or relative, or just another Communist Party member who decided to try to get back at me. Not sure, but surely related to what I’m doing as an Ebay buyer.


One of the paintings they placed in their cart, but never paid for. Could be the fact that I have placed this little bit of information on every single paintings’ Ebay page which, in my mind, is worth far more than the paintings or $125 bucks!

“The proceeds from the art being auctioned online currently by this artist, never before seen by the public or shown in a gallery, will go to obtaining Tibetan and Chinese artifacts, both religious and cultural deemed of significant value currently being (allegedly) sold by the Chinese Communist Party on Ebay. All items then will be donated to a museum for all people to learn from and enjoy- which is where it should be to begin with, and some of them probably were in China prior to them being wholesaled without provenance. It is to save what we can from a vanishing people who are being completely annihilated- they at least deserve to be known and have their story told, please help to tell it and you’ll also have some original art too.”

I tried to get the negative feedback removed from my profile since I was the one who didn’t get paid, but Ebay said I should have opened an “Unpaid Item Case” and there is nothing they can do. Totally unfair.

Anyway, if you would like to actually purchase a painting by yours truly to help a good cause- you certainly are welcome to and I promise I will actually send it, however as a rule after this experience with unfair negative feedback which was revengeful, I am only shipping to US buyers.

More paintings for sale on Ebay! 










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