Giving Thanks 2015

Thank God we don’t live in a country where they confiscate your grandpa’s ring- taken when he was a political prisoner for 20 years- and sell it for a couple bucks on Ebay decades later as brand new after polishing it a bit.


I still haven’t gotten my money back from this Ebay seller-  2011qdzyl090429– though I’ve requested many times and months have passed since they were paid. As you can see the stones are chipped and one is even completely broken out when it arrived. There is very old patina in the cracks- they polished the surface- but where they can’t reach, its not so brand new looking. Apparently I’ve got to send it back to China and pay the shipping myself? I only paid $7.82 (USD) for it, and if the seller doesn’t want to refund me, I just lose the money. I’ve called up Ebay, trying to get my money back in cases like this where the seller completely lies, and have been unable to. Like another case with this dealer who was selling antique coral and turquoise Tibetan items as Indian, brand new and sterling silver. They just want me to ship it back, but since the items usually cost less than what international shipping is, what would be the point to losing more money?

Yet the sellers have my personal phone number to harass me to change my feedback with, as well as the ability to block me for leaving them feedback saying their items are used. Wow EBAY, wow. Amazing how you don’t seem to have to abide by any rules, legal moral or otherwise these days, just kinda you protecting Chinese dealers who repeatedly lie to customers, isn’t it? Works for someone, doesn’t it?

Guess who might have been forced to polish this ring, as well as size it and package it to distributors who then make all the money? Just a guess.


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