“But it is new, I swear to Buddha”

Trying to wrestle the truth about goods the Chinese and their international friends are hawking on ebay is about as easy as trying to pull an elephant’s tooth without anesthesia. Though I’ve tried and tried get more information about the source, none will talk. Many totally deny things are A. used B. Tibetan and/or even Chinese again and again and again.

I believe that after more than 1/2 a century of brutal oppression in which if you displease someone- you wind up dead- they’ve effectively culled their population, so only the smooth talkers who don’t care about others are left. The people who couldn’t make it all look good and put lipstick on the corpse, are the corpse.

So I ordered these Buddhist prayer beads, a bracelet that the seller tells me is resin. But I get them and it turns out not to be resin at all- except one bead at the end (guru bead) which is plastic- they are glass. Not only that, they are colored glass that has been colored on just the outside, easily seen with a magnifying glass because of the wear on the beads.

Buddhist prayer beads
Buddhist prayer beads

So I left feedback on Ebay for the seller saying the item was not as described and was used, not new. Since then I’ve been arguing with them about it being new or not- 2 weeks now. It isn’t the first item I’ve bought from them that was used, nor the first one that they’ve argued about ceaselessly with a multitude of excuses. The thing that really took the cake- is that it is some poor person’s prayer beads that they are lying about so adamantly and even used Buddha’s name to try to do it.

Dear friend,
I am Sorry,But We do not want to give you a bad buying experience,We can refund via PAYPAL.
If you are satisfied with our customer service,we sincerely hope you can leave us a positive comment.We can email to you Feedback for revision link.How do you think?

This is always what they try to do- apologize without actually admitting the item is used, and reimburse you so you will change the feedback- effectively covering up the truth about genocide- bribing buyers for just pennies and dollars. Its really tough to try to argue with them, hence the reason many don’t do it & easier to take the refund.

Dear ly780202,

I can send you a close up photograph of the item if you don’t believe that is used. I think it is rather unfair that I’ve been blocked from getting back more of the monk’s things for a museum and a holocaust memorial just because I told the truth. I didn’t do anything wrong- you did.

Do you not think it is wrong to sell items as new, when they are used? I just can’t cover up the truth for you, but you certainly could be more truthful about your products to customers if they are indeed all confiscated from Buddhist monks and used items, not new. Sure is important for prayers and sacred items to come from the proper sources, or at least the sources should be known. I can’t quite think of a worse thing to do to a potential Buddhist- selling them a religious prisoner’s things which were taken from them against their will. In fact, I believe such behavior if not absolutely vicious within itself, might be truly evil. Don’t you think that it would be truly evil to take an innocent monk’s prayer beads who was murdered and sell them to unsuspecting buyers as “brand new”? Is there any sort of way that I might appeal to your conscience, or has China effectively culled those types of people out of the crowd?


I don’t understand what you mean, but it is new, I swear to Buddha,

– ly780202
Dear ly780202,

Using Buddha to help you to lie is a rather small thing if you’ve sold millions of persecuted Buddhists beads, but that just goes to show how low you are. Please see attached photo of the worn beads, particularly note the scratches and wear around the hold where the beads have rubbed together. There sure was quite a few prayers counted with these beads before, wasn’t there?

Why have you blocked me from bidding on more items? Isn’t it true you are trying to cover up the fact you’ve robbed Tibetans and Buddhists for your goods and see me as a threat to your continuing to rob them?

Please see photo ,This is the new items, we have a lot of. Because handcraft item will create variations in color, design, carving and measurement,Please understand.If you can Feedback for revision,We will Contact EBAY cancel blocked me.We appreciate your understanding and patience.
You are also welcome to contact us about more solutions.
I’m terribly sorry for the inconveniences it has caused to you.

– ly780202
This is the photo they sent to me to “prove” the prayer beads weren’t used:
Colored glass mala
Dear ly780202,

Please indulge me how the photograph I sent to you of the obviously used Buddhist prayer beads are used. Oh, that’s right, you sent me a blurry photograph back of lots and lots of them which only proves what? If one was this used, then I assume that the rest that look exactly the same are in the exact same condition. USED.

So not only did the seller get away with denying it was used- there isn’t any recourse through Ebay to get seller’s to quit lying about their products, but they also blocked me from buying more items, effectively blocking me from informing other buyers about their USED things. This is what they said when I asked them why I was blocked from bidding:
BLOCKED FROM YOUR BIDDING,Because you don’t communicate, like to give bad evaluation.
We here is very peaceful and people to live and work in peace and contentment.

– ly780202
Amazing they even said this, usually when I’ve asked Chinese dealers what I did wrong to make them ban me, they don’t respond. But it does go to show that this seller truly believes in what they are doing, and no one is holding a gun to their head to make them do it. So sad to see so many Tibetan and Buddhist items in this traitors hands selling to so many unsuspecting buyers.



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