This Week’s Mail (Late July, 2015) from China

Bone Beads from China

Another order of mixed beads I suspect is Tibetan from yet another Ebay dealer in America. Also it contained bits of shrapnel and this nice used pendant made of plastic. At least this particular dealer didn’t say these beads were brand new, but they also shorted me about 35 beads from the 500 they said were there & couldn’t tell the difference between plastic and bone apparently. The fact that the bones match the others Ebay dealers said were brand new and the fact it had this obviously used plastic pendant in it confirms what I was saying already about them- they are used, not new.


Its quite a lot of similar bone beads that are in mainly American shops- assumably what I’ve sampled and looked over in bead mixtures are the left overs, many nicer beads have been strung into strands and sold as such. Either these beads are typical over a large region and time, or they are all from a major push against Tibetans (&/or other indigenous groups into bone beads) at one point or another.

14 K Gold Pendants

This type of crystal and gold pendant I found in more upscale shops carrying gold (instead of the usual Tibetan silver or stainless steel)- all based out of Shanghai. Not only were they used- all 11 of them that I bought- but they all arrived in the exact same little red boxes though they were all sold by different Ebay shops supposedly. See The Black List for more on this particular dealer and its associates.


Though they might have looked fine in a certain light, if you look at the things being sold under a hand lens, dissecting scope or even some reflecting sunlight, you can see all is not what it appears to be. So sad to see even Jesus being mistreated by such liars and thieves. You gotta be pretty low to persecute others for beliefs and religion, but turn around and take all their religious pendants and market them to others. The Fox here is also a symbol of Tibetan resilience/resistance. The equivalent would be like Mexico invading the US then selling off people’s US flags found in their houses to people around the world saying, “We love USA!”

Traditional Tibetan Jewelry

Though they polished the heck out of most of the jewelry in this order from New York- vega3570 – someone forgot the inside of this old ring. Poor Mr. Buddha was also called “new without tags” even though he still has dirt behind the ears, and made in Bali, though there are many, many examples of these exact same Buddha beads in the hands of Chinese antique dealers.


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